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Elkem Thamshavn
Elkem Thamshavn
Prosessansvarlig for renseanlegg og Microsilica-anlegg
Elkem Bremanger

Trainee blog


Furnaces, pumps and robots

It is mid-fall, and it has already been six months since I started my second placement as an Elkem trainee at REC Solar. After eight exciting months at Elkem Technology it was time to move on – even if only a few hundred meters across the industry area. Although it is a common characteristic for trainees to be light on their feet, the site at Fiskaa having many of Elkem’s business areas represented has a large variety of interesting challenges to offer, and in my case staying in Kristiansand for one more period also meant that I could enjoy the beautiful summer we have had here at “Sørlandet”.


Working with digitalisation

After finishing a great trainee period at Elkem Silicones in France, my journey went back to Norway and Kristiansand. I got the opportunity to work for Elkem Foundry with data analysis and data mining. With this, I was able to take part in exploring some of the possibilities of the new and enlarged focus on digitalisation. Digitalisation is a major tool to increase profitability.

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