News and events

Elkem Silicon Products is at the forefront of technology, so we are constantly improving ourselves and developing new products and production processes. As we are always in close communication with our customers around the world, we are also regularly organising seminars and attending national and international congresses and exhibitions.

Here you find an overview of all the news and events around Elkem Silicon Products. 


Refractories app launch

All you always wanted to know about microsilica and other Elkem products for refractories, but never dared to ask ….. is now available in the new Materials for Refractories app.


埃肯铸造携完美解决方案亮相 IFEX 2020

2020 年 2 月 11 日 — 印度: 埃肯铸造将于 2 月 28 日至 3 月 1 日赴印度金奈参加 IFEX 2020 国际铸造展。届时,埃肯不仅会展示各类卓越的铸造产品,而且会发表一些极为重要的技术见解。



Our renowned Elkem Vikings set their feet upon Japanese soil at this year's UNITECR, experiencing true "omotenashi", the quintessential spirit of Japanese hospitality.


埃肯铸造亮相 2019年巴西拉丁美洲铸造展

2019 年9月17日至20日,埃肯参加了南美洲铸造行业重要的博览会 — 2019年拉丁美洲铸造展 (FENAF),Tenbloc®产品总经理Steve Carter也将飞赴巴西。


Promoting Sustainable Concrete Tunnels

New industry project to promote sustainable concrete tunnels

Elkem founder member of a new consortium to research and design environmentally friendly concrete tunnels.



ILCCC 2019

ESM: a key sponsor at the 1st International Conference on Innovation and Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete Technology (ILCCC); busy promoting Elkem Microsilica®






2019年6月1日,阿克拉内斯: 今日,埃肯冰岛工厂庆祝成立40周年。该工厂位于冰岛首都雷克雅未克 (IS) 以北40公里的阿克拉内斯,是世界上最大的硅铁合金工厂之一,专注于高品质特种硅铁合金的可持续生产。


AADE 2019 Denver

Elkem Silicon Materials was present at the recent 2019 American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) National Technical Conference and Exhibition in Denver, Colorado.


Microsilica Success Story

Back in 2015, the European Commission was looking for success stories for their Industrial Emission Directive. Now it is official: silica fume (microsilica) has been recognised and published as a success story!


Battery Japan

Elkem participated at the recent Battery Japan conference, the largest exhibition for batteries in Japan.The Elkem divisions of Silicones, Carbon and Silicon Materials successfully presented their joint solution to the battery industry.


AABC 2019

Three Elkem Divisions, Silicon Materials, Carbon and Silicones, teamed together recently at the 2019 AABC (Advanced Automotive Battery Conference) in Strasbourg.  Their goal: to offer customers optimal solutions to deliver their potential.