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Specialties for refractories

Products to further enhance properties of advanced refractories.

Our strategy is to develop specialty products and offer complementary products that will further advance the refractories technology and create value for our customers. These products include SioxX® Specialties, EMSIL-DRY® and AloxX™-Spheres.


SioxX® Specialties: A "treasure chest" for refractory technologists

Our portfolio of performance enhancers for advanced refractory products are offered under the brand name SioxX®. Based on global leadership in microsilica technology and a strong focus on R&D in refractory castables, new products are continuously developed and offered the industry.


Designed for microsilica-containing LCC and ULCC, based on Al2O3 - SiO2 system with quick wet-out and low water demand.
Product data sheet & Safety data sheet


Designed to act as an accelerator in undispersed aluminosilicate systems like dry gunning LCC and ULCC mixes without clay.
Product data sheets & Safety information


Designed for microsilica-gel bonded systems (NCC) to control the working and demoulding time and to develop high green-strength at room temperature.
Product data sheet & Safety information


Designed to work as a multi-functional microsilica dispersant, for aluminosilicate LCC, ULCC and NCC, giving customers freedom to fine-tune their products with other additives (accelerators, retarders, etc.). It enhances the rheological properties, reduces the water demand and increases the flow. Suitable also for shotcreting.

By combining both SioxX®-Flow and SioxX®-Set products, setting can be controlled. SioxX®-Flow product will also work in combination with Silica-Sol (colloidal silica) in NCC to control flow, working and setting time.When used in silica-sol systems a separate gelling agent needs to be added.
Product data sheet & Safety information


Designed for undispersed systems mainly for NC gunning mixes. Can also be used for LC and ULC gunning. In castables and shotcrete (dispersed systems) SioxX®-Set can be used as accelerating agent.
Product data sheet & Safety information


Designed for basic (MgO-based) refractory castables, to help avoid inherent problems of crack formation and poor workability. For advice how to best use our Specialties, contact our competent technical staff.
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SioxX®-Ten / SioxX®-Ten PLUS

SioxX®- Ten and SioxX®- Ten PLUS are primarily designed for ultra low cement alumina-based or microsilica-gel bonded no-cement castables.
SioxX®- Ten mainly works at the range of 800-1100ºC, while SioxX®- Ten PLUS is recommended to work at the range of 600-900ºC.
Both of them enhance the rheological properties, reduce the water demand, increase the flow, control the working and de-moulding time, help develop high green strength as well as high strength at the indicated working range of temperature.

Product data sheet

Safety data sheet

Gunning demonstration
Microsilica gel bonded ncc with SioxX zero

EMSIL-DRY®: Removes dilatancy, shortens wet-out and improves the bond phase

Special burn-out polymer fibres for refractory castables to speed up drying and reduce the risk of spalling and explosion during heat-up.

Product data sheet & Safety information

Discover more about EMSIL-DRY®, speciality product for refractory castable:

NCC green block (400 kgs) fired at 75 °C/hr, 0,2% EMSIL-DRY™


Product data sheet & Safety information

AloxX™-Spheres product are spherical alumina particles produced in a proprietary process.

ALOXX™-Spheres 99

Our product AloxX™-Spheres are spherical alumina particles produced in a proprietary process. AloxX™-Spheres particles are used in a range of refractory applications, such as sintering agent for high alumina applications as well as spinel formation and applications needing high thermal shock resistance. Their features and benefits include excellent particle packing, high purity, easy dispersion, high sintering capability, higher solid concentration with no dilatancy and high refractoriness (high heat resistance).

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent particle packing
  • High purity
  • Easy dispersion
  • High sintering capability
  • Higher solid concentration with no dilatancy
  • High refractoriness (high heat resistance)

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