Innovation in Elkem

Future oriented and ambitious innovation strategy has been the foundation for Elkem’s development and success throughout more than 110 years. Ever since Sam Eyde established Elkem in 1904our core activity has been to develop new products, markets and production methods.

Processes and products

Elkem's core expertise includes knowledge of controlling processes that involve very high temperatures and accurately determining the chemical content of materials so that they precisely match customer needs. Additionally, Elkem is a world leader when it comes to the production of carbonaceous materials, which is crucial when silicon is to be extracted from quartz. Elkem's processes are energy intensive and efficient operations require a continuous focus on energy efficiency.


Elkem has several programmes for students and recently graduated candidates.

Corporate social responsibility

Elkem has a strong commitment to sustainable development and responsible business behaviour. Corporate social responsibility forms an important part of Elkem’s business culture.

Business areas


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