Sustainability report

Social accountability is defined as our ability to document our sustainability and social responsibility. In order to document our efforts Elkem publishes a sustainability report annually. You may download it in pdf-format here. Elkem has written sustainability reports since 2011, that aims to cover all our projects and progress we make in our continuous effort to improve and contribute to a sustainable future. Here you can find our sustainability reports and selected articles from the 2014 report.


Elkem has several programmes for students and recently graduated candidates.

Our locations - plants and offices

Elkem has production plants and sales offices in over 40 different locations.

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Press release: The National Power Company of Iceland curtails energy to industrial users

Iceland, 14 September 2015: Landsvirkjun (The National Power Company of Iceland) has notified industrial users of its intention to curtail energy and capacity due to low inflow into its main reservoirs on the east and north side of Iceland. This is a decision made to secure the Icelandic power market through the winter of 2015/2016.
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Elkem Solar wants to restart solar block production in Porsgrunn, Norway

Oslo – 9. september 2015: Elkem Solar wants to reopen parts of the former REC Solar factory in Porsgrunn, Norway to produce solar blocks and create 70-80 new jobs.

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New blog posts: A sign off and a trip to Iceland

Some of our trainees are about to leave the program and some just started. Read about how it is to start as a trainee and what reflections the ones that have finished the program have - on our trainee blog.
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Business areas

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Elkem Silicon Materials

Elkem Silicon Materials is Elkem’s largest business area and one of the world's leading suppliers of metallurgical silicon and microsilica. We deliver special products to customers in the chemical, solar, electronics, aluminium, construction, refractory and oilfield industries worldwide.

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Elkem Foundry Products

Elkem Foundry Products is the leading metal treatment solution provider to the cast iron industry and a supplier of high quality special ferrosilicons to the steel industry. Our products, supported by our experienced technical service teams, provide innovative solutions for iron foundries and steel mills worldwide. The car industry, pipe producers and engineering companies are our important customer categories. 

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Elkem Carbon

Elkem Carbon is a world leading supplier of carbon electrode materials, lining materials and specialty carbon products to metallurgical processes for the production of ferro-alloys, base metals and primary aluminium. Our facilities are located near all major markets.

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Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones is one of the foremost fully integrated silicone manufacturers in the world.
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