SFI metal production

A new research centre managed by NTNU will ensure that the Norwegian metallurgical industry maintains its position as a world-leader within energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and competitive production of materials. Key Norwegian metal manufacturers are behind the creation.

The future of Elkem is carbon-neutral

Elkem is among the world's cleanest metal manufacturers but still releases around 1.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year. This may now be coming to an end. According to the plan a research project will conclude with full scale production without net carbon emissions and without net supply of energy.

Elkem Business System

The Elkem Business System (EBS) plays an important role in all of Elkem's operations. EBS is first and foremost about improving customer satisfaction.The aimis to secure excellence in EHS, delivery, quality and cost.

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Elkem Technology has joined as industry partner in EU project

Elkem Technology R&D Center in Kristiansand will be an industry partner in the REE4EU project run by EU through SPIRE. REE4EU will develop, test and industrialise novel methods for recycling of Rare Earth Elements (REE) from wastes and end-of-life magnets and batteries.


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New blog post: Time to go back to university!

Our 2nd year trainees have been part of the EBS University. Time to go back to university for our three trainees!
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New blog post: Material's day at NTNU

Two of our technical trainees, Heidi and Espen, went back to their university NTNU to tell current students about our trainee program. 
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Business areas

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Silicon Materials

Elkem Silicon Materials is Elkem’s largest business area and one of the world's leading suppliers of metallurgical silicon and microsilica. We deliver special products to customers in the chemical, solar, electronics, aluminium, construction, refractory and oilfield industries worldwide.

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Bluestar Silicones is one of the foremost fully integrated silicone manufacturers in the world.
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Foundry Products

Elkem Foundry Products is the leading metal treatment solution provider to the cast iron industry and a supplier of high quality special ferrosilicons to the steel industry. Our products, supported by our experienced technical service teams, provide innovative solutions for iron foundries and steel mills worldwide. The car industry, pipe producers and engineering companies are our important customer categories. 

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Elkem Carbon is a world leading supplier of carbon electrode materials, lining materials and specialty carbon products to metallurgical processes for the production of ferro-alloys, base metals and primary aluminium. Our facilities are located near all major markets.

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