Your development

Would you like to develop together with us? We need employees who are skilled in our core competences and who want to pursue a career within technology. We also need people who want to focus on management and development of processes and employees. Elkem offers training activities in both these areas. 

Experienced applicants

Elkem is one of the world’s leading companies for environmentally responsible production of materials. Its principal products are silicon, silicones, ferrosilicon, foundry alloys, carbon materials and microsilica. We have a strong focus on EHS, continuous improvement and always look for ways to further develop our processes and reduce carbon footprint. We want to contribute to a sustainable future by providing advanced silicon and carbon solutions. How about you?
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Students and graduates

Elkem has several programmes for students and recently graduated candidates. We are looking for candidates that are interested in the development of energy and materials, both in technology and business. Elkem can offer an international work environment with great opportunities for career development.
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Technology & innovation

Elkem is dedicated to advancing the production of metals and materials through long term R&D and innovation projects. Our researchers cooperate with notable research institutions around the world to develop more efficient, sustainable and advanced processes and products that the world needs. Our in-house research facilities and laboratories are also available to our customers and partners upon request.
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Trainee blog

Trainee weekend in Hafjell and Bremanger daily life

For a weekend in early March the technical trainees were lucky to be able to meet up at Elkem HQ’s cozy cabin in Hafjell. Here, we could enjoy the great variety of ski slopes. We had the pleasure to be joined by Eyde trainee, Solveig Steinsland, and former trainee, Ellen Døli on this trip.
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Getting to know the industry

Being a trainee in Elkem is a unique privilege, and no trainee periods are the same. In this post, I will try to give a brief overview of what one period can be like. During my first trainee placement, I am working at the silicon smelting plant in Thamshavn, Orkanger. My stay has given me a steep learning curve with great colleagues, and it will be difficult to say goodbye when I move to my next location and new exciting assignments already in a few weeks.
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New year greetings from Bjølvefossen

Christmas is in the rear view mirror, and things are starting to normalise after the holidays. I am halfway through my first period as a trainee, currently working in the technical department at Elkem Bjølvefossen. My autumn has been a myriad of exciting assignments, travelling, and courses, intermittently interrupted by jovial coffee breaks, workouts, and social happenings.

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Customer service representative

Elkem Silicone division is looking for a Customer service representative
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Bjølvefossen - Fagansvarlig elektro

Elkem Bjølvefosse søker Fagansvarlig - elektro
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Produksjonsteknikk lærling

Fra høsten 2017 søker Elkem Fiskaa lærling innen produksjonsteknikk
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Fra høsten 2017 søker Elkem Fiskaa laboratorielærling
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Fra høsten 2017 søker Elkem Fiskaa IKT-lærling
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Fra høsten 2017 søker Elkem Fiskaa Industrimekanikerlærling
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