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Production experience and cabin life

In Elkem’s smelting furnaces, carbon must be added in order to reduce quartz to silicon. Traditionally fossil coal has been used, but Elkem has set a goal to increase the share of biocarbon in their Norwegian smelters to 40% within 2030. In November last year I was given the chance to participate in the production of a test batch of biocarbon briquettes. This meant that I completed my second trainee period at the headquarter in Oslo by spending one month in Quebec, Canada.

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Global opportunities with Elkem Carbon

As a trainee in Elkem you get a unique opportunity not only to be part of exciting and interesting projects, but also to combine it with seeing many interesting places around the world. Even though it’s hard to compete with the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, there are quite a few other interesting places around the globe. During the past eight months I have been fortunate enough to go see a few of them. 

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