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Ever since Sam Eyde established Elkem in 1904 our main activity has been to develop new products, markets and production methods. An ambitious innovation strategy in combination with a strong focus on future markets has been the foundation for Elkem’s development. It has led to a great success – throughout these years. 

Innovation is the path towards when transforming an idea into tangible value. We identify and develop opportunities for step-change improvements or breakthroughs!

At Elkem, we thrive to create an innovation ecosystem to leverage both internal and external capabilities: 

  • We have a dedicated team and skilled experts: Elkem Innovation Team made up of resources from all backgrounds (sales & marketing, business development, operations, R&D, communication) and all divisions 
  • We have a process and tools 
  • We develop the Innovation skills and mindset 
  • We develop a culture and entrepreneurship value 
  • We measure what we do and propose action plan 

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