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Research and innovation

Research and Innovation (R&I) is vital to support and realize Elkem’s strategy on sustainable growth and specialization. 

Elkem devotes considerable effort and R&I activities with more than 2.5% of 2022 revenues dedicated to new products and new processes, including technical support to customers. 

With this investment, carried by more than 550 researchers around the world across 14 R&I and application centers, the R&I teams filed more than 35 new patents during the year. New products introduced within the past five years represent more than 20% of Elkem’s turnover.

ATRiON Research & Innovation Center

At Elkem through innovation, we go beyond megatrends and provide society, our customers and the markets with new sustainable, circular solutions.

Kristiansand Research and Innovation Center

R&D has been a driving force at Fiskaa for over 100 years. The development of Søderberg technology was the foundation not only of Elkem's business, but of the entire metallurgical industry.

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