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Silicones to resist heat, corrosion and chemical aggression

Providing reliable and safe protection against extreme temperatures in multiple applications

The demand for silicone-based paints and coatings covers a very wide range of needs in industrial and consumer markets. These include silicone additives in paints that disperse pigments to enhance colors, and flow and leveling agents to ensure perfect coverage and finishes, for example in automotive applications. Elsewhere, paints with silicone additives provide ultra-smooth finishes that enable ships to move faster and reduce fuel consumption, while avoiding the use of traditional antifouling paints using toxic materials. Industrial paint-makers use silicones for special applications to improve adherence, waterproofing and resistance to extreme conditions on a very wide range of materials.

Silicone-based coatings protect, preserve and bring customized functionality and style to all surfaces. They are chosen over other materials for their technical and mechanical characteristics. Their flexibility and availability in a great variety of forms, from liquids to elastomers, makes them easy to use and adaptable to specific applications.

In this wide offering, special heat-resistant paints and coatings are reinforced with silicone resins so that they can be used in the most demanding conditions, at temperatures of up to 600 °C (over 1100 °F). 

Why are Elkem products the ideal material for heat-resistant paints and coatings?

Elkem has been working with paint manufacturers and industrial coating suppliers for over 50 years and has developed an extended offering to meet the needs of very diverse applications for use in the most extreme conditions. 

Our line of BLUESILTM heat-resistant resins is designed and manufactured to provide high levels of protection, while making no concessions on aesthetic properties. These silicones are available for use in transparent, colored or metallic finishes on parts exposed not only to high temperatures, but also highly-corrosive fumes and particles. These include automotive and off-road vehicle exhaust pipes, chimney shafts, ovens, water heaters and steam conduits, radiators, incineration liners, etc.

These heat-resistant resins offer:

  • The right balance of features to ensure performance, appearance and temperature resistance
  • Availability in several solid contents, dispersed in different solvents (xylene and toluene) with varying degrees of viscosity
  • Compatibility with other resins, including organic-based products
  • Long-term heat, chemical and corrosion protection
  • Inclusion in safe and non-toxic formulations that comply with the strictest industrial and international safety standards

To see our full range of heat-resistant products and service offering, please download our brochure of BLUESILTM heat-resistant resins

Why choose Elkem to provide the right materials and backup services for extreme heat resistant coatings?

We have over 50 years of experience in providing special paints, coatings and resins to manufacturers worldwide of industrial and consumer products. Elkem expert teams know the specifics of each material and the differing applications in this very diversified field. 

Elkem Silicones is part of the Elkem Group, a fully-integrated global silicone manufacturer, mastering the full value chain from quartz to specialty silicones. Our R&D facilities and our collaborative partnership with coating manufacturers enable us to support specific formulations for each application.

Other services also include regulatory support, assistance to roll out productivity programs, training for teams and collaborative work on new developments. 

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