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Anti-slip silicone coatings for enhancing clothing and accessories

Silicone coatings improve the look, feel and function of textiles for fashionable lifestyles

Fashion designers and manufacturers of clothes and accessories use a wide range of products to create attractive and comfortable textiles for different uses. These products are designed upstream to improve the manufacturing process for fabrics of all sorts. Downstream, silicone coatings and fabric enhancement products give consumers choices that will be pleasant to the touch and offer desirable characteristics, such as drape, elasticity, resistance to wear, water repellency, etc. 

Among these many characteristics, silicone-coated anti-slip or non-slip fabrics are used widely in undergarments, lingerie, athletic wear or smart textiles, as well as fabrics for medical applications, where elasticity and close adhesion to the skin is essential. These products must have the right degree of elongation or elasticity and softness, depending on their use, which provides desirable anti-slip characteristics when applied to high stretch fabrics, elastic, lace and narrow fabric bands. These anti-slip coatings are also used in accessories, such as watch bands, socks, wearable technologies, sporting gear, etc.

What are the main advantages of silicone-based coatings to ensure specific performance results for clothing and accessories?

Silicones are the material of choice for the coating of a wide range of wearable textiles and accessories, because they are versatile, customizable, easy to process, provide innovative and robust performance features and guarantee durability. Elkem experts take into account all the features a customer needs for each type of clothing: anti-slip and release features, durability, temperature and environmental resistance and safety and regulatory requirements. Our Bluesil™  and Silbione™  TCS (Textile Coating Silicones) systems are therefore specifically customized to ensure the effective delivery of the characteristics for each and every application. 

Our product offering

Elkem has developed (and is continuing to develop) a versatile product range and portfolio for clothing and accessories, using different technologies and products that meet increasingly sophisticated and specialist requirements. 

Our specialist line of TCS (Textile Coating Products) have been designed for a wide range of uses, such as industrial applications (e.g. conveyor belts), architectural fabrics, protective fabrics, airbags, etc. Products for clothing, accessories and other consumer goods are specially formulated for specific performance criteria, comfort and safe skin contact.

Here are two examples:

Silbione™  TCS anti-slip products 

  • TCS 7772 and TCS 7773 are a two-component polyaddition heat curing liquid silicone elastomers featuring good elongation and softness. These products are ideally suited for application on stretch fabrics and bands used in undergarments and lingerie, as well as fabrics for medical applications (such as compression garments) and athletic wear, providing excellent non-slip characteristics.
  • TCS 7381 and TCS 7380 are tin free single component RTV elastomer designed for lace coating applications, which imparts non-slip characteristics to fabrics while providing good tear strength and low modulus of elasticity for specific functions in undergarments and medical applications.
  • TCS 7565 and TCS 7681 are a two-component polyaddition heat curing liquid silicone elastomers featuring good elongation and softness, with different mixing ratio, in order to match customers various coating process. These products are ideally suited for application on stretch fabrics and bands used in undergarments and lingerie, and antislip dot on socks for homecare, athletic wear, providing excellent non-slip characteristics.

Why choose Elkem as your partner for anti-slip coatings for clothing and accessories?

Elkem Silicone experts are available worldwide to advise you and make sure that our products do exactly what is needed for your specific anti-slip textile and accessory applications. We work closely with manufacturers to meet current needs and in long-term R&D partnerships to develop customized products and meet evolving market demand and comply with regulatory changes. 

We also offer complete support services through our worldwide network conveniently located near major textile production centers on all continents. Other services also include regulatory support, assistance to roll out productivity programs, training for teams and collaborative work on new developments.

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