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Silicone-in-water emulsions for tire mold release and for bladder coatings.

The Challenge

​Tire manufacturers​ typically use a range of tailor-made silicone-based formulations for optimized processing conditions in tire curing. Their goal is to produce the highest quality tires safely, cleanly and cost-effectively.

Lyndcoat™ Tire release

A large existing range & Tailor made solutions

They require release agents that provide ease of demolding and excellent slip to allow for production of perfectly symmetric tires through optimum bladder centering and absence of release-related tire deformation.

Release agents have to promote air evacuation while ensuring good tire optics after molding.

​These products have an essential impact for tire manufacturers in striving for improved productivity and quality in tire curing. As for mold-making products, they need to allow for fast-to-market precision manufacturing of tire molds, with or without vent valves. ​

Why us

For over 30 years, we have developed the ​Lyndcoat™ range of release formulations with and for the tire manufacturing industry. The range includes:

  • Lyndcoat™ MR series reactive emulsions for tire mold release, featuring ready-to-use, solvent-free, water-based coatings that offer efficient release performance while allowing for low build-up through reduced consumption and application frequency

  • Lyndcoat™ BR series inside paints and bladder coatings, featuring water-based emulsions for easy processing, while achieving efficient bladder centering, excellent air evacuation promotion and secure release, enabling the production of high-quality tires while improving bladder life

  • Lyndcoat™ XR bladder coatings, featuring ready-to-use water-based emulsions for new bladder coatings and refreshing of bladders in operation. These products can be used on their own or in combination with inside tire lubricants.


Lyndcoat™​​ is more than a product range; it is a wide choice of services offered by highly-skilled professionals who know how to listen and provide you with customized solutions to:

    • Optimize productivity and efficiency through defect rate and waste reduction, as well as bladder life improvement

    • Reduce the total cost of operations

    • Increase capacities with minimal or no capital expenditures

    • Ensure clean and safe processing to guarantee the quality of finished tires and optimize their esthetics.

To deliver the solutions you need, we provide tailor-made products and give you access to our related silicone technologies and expertise within our group. We understand your desire for innovation and differentiation and we are available to advise you, amaze you and provide you with outstanding solutions.

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