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Louis Vovelle

Senior Vice President Innovation and R&D

Key experience:
Dr. Louis Vovelle has been the Senior Vice President of Innovation and R&D at Elkem since 2015. He has worked both in corporate and divisional functions internationally. He has held the post as R&D Director for Elkem Silicones International (2007-2010), after which he was appointed Vice President for Innovation and Strategy of Elkem Silicones International (2010-2015). In the course of his 20 years of experience as R&D director and Vice President in international companies (Rhône-Poulenc, Rhodia, Bluestar), he has developed a sustainable innovation and R&D vision for developing new products and new processes. During the last 8 years at Bluestar Silicones International and Elkem, an extensive R&D collaborative network has been created supported by Open Innovation with international universities, high schools and clusters in chemistry and materials. Dr. Louis Vovelle holds an Engineer diploma in Chemistry from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris (1983), a PhD in Physics from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1987), and has participated in the General Management Programme at CEDEP-INSEAD in France (1998-1999).

Directorships: President of Axel One, board member of University of Lyon, president of TECHTERA, board member of AXELERA, strategic advisory board member of EUROPIC (European Consortium on Intensified processes), scientific advisory board member of International Symposium on Silicon Chemistry (ISOS).

Number of Elkem shares: 6.896