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Packaging, paper and films

Enabling precise control of adhesive-coated products

Using adhesive-coated packaging, paper or films demands the careful choice of a release liner to expose the adhesive exactly when and where it’s needed. Silicone coatings enable these release liners to work reliably in a myriad of everyday applications, as well as in non-stick and foam control applications.
Realease coating

Release coatings for papers & films

If you're looking for a reliable coating to provide an effective barrier between surfaces, then Elkem's release coatings are the perfect solution. Discover our range of superior options, and learn how we can help to optimize your production processes.

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive

Silicone PSAs for papers and protective films

Elkem's pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) provide excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, making them the perfect choice for advanced applications such as medical device assembly and automotive sealing. Explore this page to discover the innovative ways our PSAs can be used to enhance your products.

We bring versatility and advanced features to papers, labels & films

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