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Find the tire release solution that fits your operations’ needs best at Tire Technology 2024

Discover the latest developments in our LYNDCOAT™ tire release range on Tire Technology Expo 2024. Explore our diversified global offer for the automotive market. Scheduled from March 19th - 21st, we are looking forward to meeting you on booth C606.

Elkem will be exhibiting at Tire Technology Expo 2024, the world's premier technology showcase for suppliers to the tire manufacturing industry. Our team of tire release experts will be there to welcome you, addressing your needs and challenges with proven & innovative solutions delivered with a personal touch.

Get an overview of our LYNDCOAT™ tire release range, amongst our diversified global offer for the automotive market.

Lyndcoat™ Tire release

A Large Existing Range & Tailor Made Solutions

Discover our latest LYNDCOAT™ Single Release Technology for Clean Tire Manufacturing.

The latest generation inside paint LYNDCOAT™ BR1001 allows for blemish free tire production, spotless cured tires and easy inspection in final finishing and quality control.

On top of the clean finished tire aspect LYNDCOAT™ BR1001 provides for lowest defect rates, thanks to its outstanding slip effect, release performance and bladder protection.

We provide innovations for better quality results in your factory. Our team is there to support & ready to discuss all tire release related improvement projects you may have or plan for.

Want to know more about our LYNDCOAT™ tire release product range ? Looking for a better view of what ELKEM provides to the automotive industry ?

Meet up with our experts from March 19th - 21st. You will find us in booth #C606 on Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany.

With over 70’ years of expertise in chemical business, producing LYNDCOAT™ tire release agents for over 40 years. Directly supporting your business development world-wide.

New single release generation

Latest release agent generation - washable & laser cleaning compatible

Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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