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Elkem won Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Food and Beverage Industry

As a global leader in the field of food packaging and bakery release coating, Elkem is constantly researching, developing and committed to providing high quality silicone solutions for the food packaging and bakery sectors.

Elkem won Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Food and Beverage Industry

SILCOLEASE™ EMULSION 902 efficiently solves industry problems and stands out for its outstanding performance, which was recognised with the Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2023 in the food and beverage industry.

Solvent-free coating is currently a common coating method for food baking paper, but it is mainly an offline coating. Some manufacturers even add solvent dilution to reduce the coating amount. The coating method and safety are still controversial.


SILCOLEASE™ EMULSION 902 is based on Elkem’s mature silicone emulsion separation technology and offers innovative solutions:

  • Diluting with water as a solvent reduces the amount of coating and makes it safer, more environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • The process is simple and can be inline coated at high speed on the paper machine. Compared with offline coating, it greatly improves production efficiency and reduces operating costs while ensuring quality.
  • It has excellent waterproof, oil resistant, non-stick, high temperature resistant, low migration, fluorine free and other properties, and has met the national and international regulatory requirements for food contact materials, such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration), BfR (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and GB 9685 etc.

Elkem continues to innovate and provide advanced silicone materials solutions to customers around the world, enabling the industry to be environmentally friendly, safe and efficient, promoting circular economy and sustainable development and creating more value for customers.

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