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Create sustainable, comfortable & safe performance fabrics with BLUESIL™ Textile Coating Silicones

Elkem's full range of Textile Coating Silicones showcased at Techtextil (Frankfurt, April 23rd - 26th) 

Technical textiles offer a great solution to many problems. They are lightweight, durable, and often have a wide range of uses. They are a great choice for many applications due to their versatility and performances. The global demand for high-performance technical fibers and textiles is escalating, addressing critical requirements across diverse industries. This ranges from heavy-duty architectural textiles to anti-slip treatment of conveyor belts, via airbags for the automotive sector. 

Elkem Textile Coating Silicones provide superior properties to fabrics, helping drive the next generation of high-performance textiles.  

In the field or airbags, our products have been helping to save lives for more than 20 years. They ensure the right performance at the time of deployment, while allowing smaller and lighter airbag modules in today’s automobiles. 

Your Technical Textiles Silicone Toolbox

Optimizing the interaction between the textile substrate, the coating material and the process makes the difference when aiming for premium performance.

BLUESIL™ Textile Coating Silicone solutions will bring added insulation and protection to industrial fabrics such as welding blankets, insulation panels and personal protective equipment used in the industry. They are also materials of choice to exhibit unique and controlled anti-slip properties, and help make sure intimate wear, ortheses or other consumer goods stay in place comfortably and all-day long.

Because thet are  extremely durable and more eco-friendly, Silicones are more and more suitable to be used for artificial leathers. Resistant to UV and to extreme temperatures, easily cleanable, silicone faux-leathers are great complements to comfortable outdoor furniture or other artificial leather items.

Save the date for the twentieth edition of the dedicated show for technical textiles and non-wovens, taking place from April 23rd to 26th, 2024, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Elkem is proud to showcase its products and innovations at Hall 11.0, booth F32 during this event.

Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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