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Notice of the Annual General Meeting 2022

Elkem ASA will host its annual general meeting on 27 April 2022 at 09:00 (CET).  The meeting will be held as a digital meeting on the Lumi AGM-platform, including live webcast from the meeting and electronic voting.

Shareholders may vote using smart phone, tablet or PC.  To the extent possible, Elkem will accommodate for attending the digital meeting physically at Felix Conference Center, at Bryggetorget 3 at Aker Brygge in Oslo on short notice.  Further information on this will be published on the company’s website on 25 April 2022.  Attendance does not require pre-registration, as all voting will take place digitally.  Smartphone, tablet or PC must therefore be brought with you in the event of physical appearance.

Details about log in and participation can be found in a separate guide in the right column at this page.

The online remote participation is being organized by DNB Bank ASA, Investor Services, and its subcontractor Lumi AGM.  By attending the online general meeting, shareholders will be able from their smartphones, tablets and desktop devices to listen to a live webcast of the meeting, see the presentation, submit questions relating to the items on the agenda and cast their votes in the real time poll of the annual general meeting.

Registration is not required to participate online, but shareholders must be logged in before the meeting starts.  If you are not logged in before the general meeting starts, you will not be able to attend.  Log in will start one hour before the general meeting starts.

In order to attend the virtual general meeting, shareholders need to access the Lumi AGM solution by logging on to the Lumi AGM website.

When the shareholders have opened the website, the shareholders must enter the Meeting ID: 123-802-650 and click “Join”.  The shareholders will then need their individual reference number and PIN code which are distributed together with the Notice for the meeting.

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