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Notice of the Annual General Meeting 2023

Elkem ASA will host its annual general meeting on Friday 28 April 2023 at 09:00 (CET).

The annual general meeting will be held as a combined physical and digital meeting.  The physical meeting will be held in the conference room “Auditoriet” in Haakon VII’s gate 2 in Oslo, Norway, in combination with the Lumi digital AGM-platform.  The digital platform will provide live webcast from the meeting room to shareholders who are prevented from physical attendance, together with electronical casting of votes for all shareholders – either present in the physical meeting or attending digitally.  Shareholders present in the physical meeting will have to bring their smartphone, tablet or PC to be able to cast votes.  Shareholders may alternatively cast vote in advance or by proxy.

Shareholders wishing to participate physically are requested to register their attendance in advance, within 24 April 2023 at 14:00.  Registration may be carried out via the company’s website (a link further down on this page) or through VPS Investor Services.  See more details in the Notice distributed.  Shareholders who wish to attend the live webcast, can attend without pre-registration.

By attending the webcast provided on the digital platform, shareholders will be able from their smartphone, tablet or PC to follow a live webcast from the meeting, see the presentation, submit questions relating to the items on the agenda and cast votes in the real time poll of the general meeting.

A guide on digital attendance and electronical voting is set out at this webpage.

Please note:  All shareholders that want to cast votes during the general meeting – also those who participate in the physical meeting – must log into the digital platform before the meeting starts.  If you are not logged in before start, you will not be able to cast votes.  Log in will be possible from one hour before the general meeting starts.  The shareholders need to access the Lumi AGM website  The shareholders will then need their individual reference number and PIN code to be able to identify themselves, which are distributed together with the Notice for the meeting.  The Elkem meeting ID is: 188-774-883.

For shareholders that will be hindered in attending the general meeting, votes in advance or submission of proxy can be submitted by accessing the link further down on this page.

Shareholders who want to (i) register for physical attendance, (ii) vote in advance or (iii) submit a proxy, please access the following link:

Register for physical attendance / Vote in advance / Submission of proxy

Guest attendees and shareholders who will not raise questions or cast votes during the general meeting may see the live webcast without being logged into the digital platform by accessing the following link:

To see the live webcast without being logged into the digital platform


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