Reports and presentations

Presentations Capital markets day 2018 20.11.2018

Quarterly reports and presentations

Document Date Download
Fourth quarter 2018 presentation.pdf 13.02.2019
Fourth quarter 2018 report.pdf 13.02.2019
Quarterly key figures fourth quarter 2018 .xlsx 13.02.2019
Third quarter 2018 presentation.pdf 25.10.2018
Third quarter 2018 report.pdf 25.10.2018
Quarterly key figures third quarter 2018.xlsx 24.10.2018
Second and half year report 2018.pdf 17.08.2018
Second and half year presentation 2018.pdf 17.08.2018
Quarterly key figures second quarter 2018.xlsx 11.09.2018
First quarter report 2018.pdf 08.05.2018
First quarter presentation 2018.pdf 08.05.2018
Quarterly key figures.xlsx 22.05.2018

Annual reports

Document Date Download
Elkem annual report 2017.pdf 23.04.2018
Elkem annual report 2016.pdf 24.04.2017
Elkem annual report 2015.pdf 25.04.2016
Elkem annual report 2014.pdf 27.04.2015

Prospectus for Elkem ASA

Document Date Download
elkem-asa-prospectus.pdf 03.05.2018