Open innovation

- The world is becoming too fast, too complex, too networked for any company to have all the answers inside, Yochai Benkler, Harvard.

Elkem continues to bring our production towards ever more specialised solutions and products. Ideas for new products often emerge in meetings where our technical specialists, researchers and production managers meet the customer. In cooperation, they find new and incredible solutions.

By continuously looking for ways to improve the product for the customer, focusing on quality rather than just cost, we create lasting value for our customers.

Collaboration is increasingly important for successful innovation. Open innovation means that we share ideas and create value, and open the mind to new possibilities.

Identifying potential partners and developing relationships with customers, suppliers, research institutions, government authorities and financial markets is therefore an integrated part of Elkem’s innovation strategy. By working alongside partners with complementary skills to our own, we have enhanced the development of new markets, products, processes and services.

Collaborative project – sustainable innovation

The open innovation approach to R&D is made possible by multiple collaborative projects supported by European, Norwegian, Chinese and French governments and through industry clusters such as NCE EYDE in Norway and Axelera and Techteria in France.

Many of our most successful research-based innovations come from these research programmes and projects. In 2016, Elkem was recognised as a partner in at least six new collaborative projects devoted to new products or technology. In example 3D printing new markets such as health care and new processes like industrialised charcoal production.

Thanks to these initiatives, we take part in the reinforcement of cooperative networks of universities, research institutions and industry partners which operate with support from the Norwegian Research Council and The French Ministry of Research.

We are always interested in discussing new technology, products or business opportunities or even sharing best practices to enhance our innovation performances. 

If you and your company have ideas that may be of interest to Elkem, please contact us.


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