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Silicones: specific anti-slip coatings for conveyor belt textiles

Silicone coatings ensure proper performance of conveyor belts in a wide range of applications 

The use of conveyor belts is increasing exponentially as more and more industries automate their processes. Applications range from heavy industrial production to warehouse and logistics centers, but also in less likely settings like sushi bars or other consumer venues. For each application the coating on the conveyor belt must provide a specific combination of features. For example, they must have precise anti-slip properties so the item being transported stays on the belt, but also have the right release properties so it can pass on to the next stage in its journey. 

Whatever their function, conveyor belts must improve productivity, create safer working conditions, reduce labor and handling costs and not damage or denature the product it is carrying. This means, for example, that it must withstand heat, damage from chemicals, mechanical stress and other hazards in an industrial process or ensure human contact and medical safety standards when used in ffood contact applications or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What are the main advantages of silicone-based coatings to ensure the highest performance of conveyor belts?

Silicones are the material of choice for the coating of a wide range of specialty textiles, including a wide range of conveyor belt fabrics because they are versatile, customizable, easy to process, provide innovative and robust performance features and guarantee durability. Elkem experts take into account all the features a customer needs for each type of conveyor belt: anti-slip and release features, durability, temperature and environmental resistance and safety and regulatory requirements. Our BLUESIL™ TCS (Textile Coating Silicones) systems are therefore specifically customized to ensure the effective delivery of the characteristics for each and every application. 

Our product offering

Elkem has developed (and is continuing to develop) a versatile product range and portfolio for conveyor belt fabric coatings, using different technologies and products that meet increasingly sophisticated and specialist requirements. 

Here are a few examples of our many products:

BLUESIL TCS 7311 is a dispersion of one-component silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature when in contact with air moisture. It is specifically designed for coating general-purpose conveyor belts. 

It features:

  • Excellent fabric coating coverage through dispersion
  • High-temperature and hydrophobic protection
  • Durability

BLUESIL™ TCS 7550 A&B is a two-component polyaddition reaction heat curing liquid silicone elastomer specially designed for technical conveyor belt textiles. It is highly versatile for a wide range of industrial applications and features: 

  • Excellent adhesion and efficient coating
  • High temperature resistance and fire protection
  • Hydrophobic and water repellent performance
  • UV resistance

BLUESIL™ TCS 7541, associated with the catalyst SILBIONE™ TCS 7604 C, is a two-component heat curing liquid silicone elastomer which cures by a polyaddition reaction. It is a new and innovative silicone coating technology for conveyor belt textiles which provides superior heat resistance and can be suitable for food contact.

Its main advantages include

  • Easy-to-handle, solventless, two-component curing 
  • Processing ease by knife coating or roll transfer 
  • High mechanical properties and thermal resistance, even in extreme temperatures
  • Robust endurance to abrasion delivering durability and reducing down time
  • Can be suitable for food contact applications
  • Self-adhesiveness on polyester, glass fiber and polyamide without the need for any primer 

Why choose Elkem as your partner for coating textile-based conveyor belts?

Elkem experts are available worldwide to advise you and make sure that our products do exactly what is needed for your specific conveyor belt textile applications. We work closely with manufacturers to meet current needs and in long-term R&D partnerships to develop customized products and meet evolving market demand and comply with regulatory changes. 

We also offer complete support services through our worldwide network, conveniently located near major industrial centers on all continents. Other services also include regulatory support, assistance to roll out productivity programs, training for teams and collaborative work on new developments.

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