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Business analyst programme

Do you have the mindset, drive and skills to take us to the next level? The business analyst programme in Elkem is designed to offer you a stepping-stone to a career within economics in one of the largest industrial companies in Norway.

When and where do I apply?

Elkem hires 1-2 Business Analysts every autumn semester. Start-up is the subsequent year. You can register your application at Vacancies. Application deadline is usually at the end of August.

Who are we looking for?

If the following is a description of you, do not hesitate to apply.

  • Master’s degree with great academic results, preferably within economics/industrial economics
  • Ambitious and engaged in what you do
  • Good cooperative skills and a motivator
  • Good analytical skills, integrity, and can answer for your own decisions
  • Identify yourself with Elkem’s core values: involvement, precision, continuous improvement and respect
  • Flexible and willing to spend a longer period at a production unit subsequent to completing the business analyst programme

About the programme

As a newly hired economist in Elkem, you will step into the position as business analyst and take on a number of professional challenges within several business areas in Elkem. The objective for us is to ensure that you achieve a steep learning-curve and at the same time contributes to Elkem’s value creation.

The business analyst programme lasts 18 months and is divided into three periods with different contents. At the same time, the programme is flexible and gives the opportunity for individual adjustment.

0-6 months

This period is spent at headquarter in Oslo. Early in this period you will be challenged with own responsibility areas, as well as being introduced to two periods at smelting plants. The tasks will mainly consist of economic follow-up, analysis, and development of production departments.

During the first period of the business analyst programme, you will develop contact with several key personnel at headquarter via various projects, social activities and courses.

6-12 months

Subsequent to 6 months at headquarter you will be placed at one of our production units for a 6 month period. During this period, you will receive valuable experience through fixed responsibilities and projects. Local employer will ensure follow-up during your second period.

12-18 months

Subsequent to the second period, you will return to the position at headquarter until sufficient training has been completed.

After the program

Subsequent to the third period, the opportunity to step into permanent position at one of Elkem’s units both in Norway and abroad may arise. Most of our newly hired business analysts have become financial managers at Elkem’s production units. After a few years as financial manager, opportunities for other leading positions may arise within the group.

Business analyst contact

Eileen Olstad
Head of CBS - Corporate Business Support Elkem