Technical trainee programme

We are looking for tomorrow's technical experts, with passion for sustainability, technology and continuous improvement. As our technical trainee, you will take part in our innovative projects to increase the sustainability and efficiency of our operations across the world.

In our two-year technical trainee programme, you will be given challenging work assignments and projects, a personal mentor and an individual development plan. This is a unique opportunity for personal and professional development and an excellent way to kick-start your career in the processing industry.

When and how do I apply?

We usually hire 4-5 trainees each fall semester. The trainee positions are posted on our website, FINN and in our social media channels, with application deadline in October. You will start the programme after graduation in August the following year.

How do we choose the trainee rotations? 

During your two years as a trainee, you will have three rotations, primarily in our Norwegian plants. There are also opportunities for trainee rotations in one of our international plants, our research facilities or our head office. The rotations will also be chosen in cooperation with the trainee, and we strive for the optimal match between ongoing projects and the trainee's competence and wish for further development. As a trainee in Elkem, you will always work in real, meaningful projects where you will learn a lot about how we work and be given unique opportunities for personal and professional development. 

The main work assignments will be based on your competence and interests, and could include:

  • Operation-related issues, based on continuous improvement
  • Research and development projects on processes and products
  • Environmental and energy efficiency projects to increase sustainability
  • The work assignments will vary according to the needs of the receiving unit

You will also participate in student happenings at universities and write posts for the trainee blog about your experiences in Elkem.

Who are we looking for?

  • Recent graduates with maximum two years of relevant work experience
  • Master of Science with great academic results in Materials technology, mechanical engineering, electro, energy & environment, cybernetics, nanotechnology, mechatronics, physics or chemical engineering
  • Good communication skills in English and a Scandinavian language, preferably Norwegian
  • Flexible when it comes to tasks and geographical mobility

To thrive as a trainee in Elkem, we believe that you should be highly motivated to join a challenging and exciting trainee programme where you will get to know many new colleagues and learn a lot about how we work. You have excellent cooperation skills, show initiative, and take responsibility for your tasks. In order to succeed in the role of trainee, it is important that you have outstanding analytical skills and quickly become familiar with new disciplines and topics. You are curious and eager to learn and have a great desire to contribute to development and continuous improvement.

You can contact our trainee coordinator for more information, and also read our inspiring trainee blog.

Trainee blog


Practical metallurgy, data analysis and teamwork

You are probably interested in Elkem’s Trainee program, if you read this. If you consider applying for a trainee position yourself, I would tell you to do it! My impression is that you will be taken good care of, you will learn a lot and get to contribute in development of a better and greener process industry, regardless of your background. If you are wondering if the Trainee program is worth it in the long run, for Elkem, I would say yes! I started as a trainee only a few months ago and I have learned more about practical metallurgy, data analysis and teamwork than any master at university could do by itself. I think the next two years will make me a better employee, and the colleges and interesting projects makes me want to stay within the company. If you wonder if I
enjoy my days at Elkem Thamshavn; I guess you already know the answer.

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Smart Maintenance, Crushing Plant and Deer Hunting

As I’m writing this, it’s been five months since I moved to Svelgen with my dog and started working at Elkem Bremanger. If I am going to be honest, I found it just as scary as it was exciting, but I haven’t regretted my decision for one moment. My colleges in Svelgen has been most welcoming and my tasks at Elkem has been exciting. Both because they’ve made a difference at Elkem Bremanger and because I’ve learned so much. 

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