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Medical-grade liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) are used to prepare injection-molded parts for healthcare applications. Our two-part medical-grade LSRs help to ensure optimum part appearance and functionality in the final product.

High-performance LSR Silbione™ for precision healthcare solutions.

Elkem Silicones understands how important performance and processability is when producing high quality precision molded parts for the healthcare market. Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs) are typically used with injection molding machines, enabling consistent production of reproducible silicone parts with optimum quality, excellent process control and minimum cost. The material is delivered as a two-part product, where the A part contains the catalyst (platinum) and the B part contains the cross-linker. Both parts are pumped and mixed, metered into the injection unit, the vulcanized under heat and pressure in the mold.

Our expanding Silbione™ LSR product lines offer distinctive advantages for producing high quality precision molded parts for the healthcare market including easy processing, easy release and high-performance physical properties to improve part appearance, functionality, and productivity.

Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber for Healthcare application

Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Healthcare applications

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Medical Grade Silicone

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