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Medical-grade silicone adhesives

Adhesives used in medical devices typically need high strength, and our silicone medical adhesives meet this challenge, while also being compatible with a wide substrate range.

Silbione™, a high-strength room-temperature-cured adhesive designed for assembling and sealing medical device parts.

Elkem Silicones provides medical grade silicone adhesives designed specifically for applications where high strength elastic bonds to substrates such as silicone, polyester, metals, or polyurethane are needed. Silbione™ Silicone Adhesives are solventless high strength adhesives that cure at room temperature providing a tough elastic bond. Designed for assembling and sealing medical device parts, these adhesives provide high cohesion and adhesive strength, improve productivity and efficiency through fast curing and are easy to use and apply. 

Silbione™ Silicone Adhesive product range includes: 

  • Silbione™ Biomedical adhesives for long-term implant application requiring greater than 30 days in the body
  • Silbione™ MED ADH for general purpose healthcare applications
Silicone Medical Adhesives for assembling and sealing medical device parts

Medical Grade Silicone Soft Elastomers for Healthcare application

Discover our expanding Silbione™ product line for Medical Grade bonding solutions

Medical Grade Silicones

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