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Medical-grade RTV silicones

Room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) silicones produce soft materials suitable for direct patient contact. Our two-part RTV silicone products offer a wide hardness range, while also being easy to process.

A room-temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone solution for designers and manufacturers

RTVs are 2-part systems which can be easily mixed and cured into soft and durable elastomers. Silicone RTVs have long been used in the manufacturing of soft parts in contact with the patient because of their inherent comfort and biocompatibility.

Our Silbione™ RTVs allow designers and manufacturers to :

  • Create end products with a life-like feel
  • Optimize comfort for the end user thanks to a wide range of hardness (starting from Shore A 1)
  • Improve the durability of the final piece with exceptional mechanical properties
  • Increase their productivity with easy to mix and degas low viscosity silicone RTVs

Example of applications include :

  • Prosthetic liners
  • Shoe insoles
  • Pellots, bandages & orthotics inserts
  • Medical training aids
  • High-end adult novelties

Elkem Silicones offers the following ranges for Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicones under the Silbione™ brand:

Medical grade High Consistency Rubber for Healthcare Applications

Medical Grade Silicone Soft Elastomers for Healthcare application

Discover our expanding Silbione™ product line for Medical Grade Soft Elastomers

Medical Grade Silicone

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