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Medical-grade high-consistency rubber

High-consistency rubbers (HCRs) can achieve high strength and high temperature-resistance, and our two-part HCRs are suitable for a variety of medical device applications.

Silbione™ High Consistency Rubbers: Engineered for Excellence in Healthcare Manufacturing

Elkem Silicones understands the importance of durability and processability when producing parts for the healthcare market. Silbione™ High Consistency Rubbers (HCRs) are two component platinum-catalyzed heat cure rubbers designed for high strength molding and extrusion processes. 

The excellent mechanical characteristics of Silbione™ HCRs make them ideal for a variety of medical device applications including molded medical device parts, balloon catheters and extruded tubing. Our expanding Silbione™ product line offer advantages for producing high quality parts for the healthcare market including easy milling and extrusion, good clarity, high mechanical strength, temperature resistance and high-performance physical properties. 

Elkem Silicones offers the following ranges for High Consistency Rubber (HCR) under the Silbione™ brand:

Medical grade High Consistency Rubber for Healthcare Applications

Medical Grade High Consistency Rubber for Healthcare application

Discover our expanding Silbione™ product line for Medical Grade High Consistency Rubber

Medical Grade Silicone

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