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Elkem Wins 2024 Ringier Innovation Award

Elkem has won the 2024 Plastics Industry Ringier Innovation Award for its newly developed BLUESIL™ LDH 5133-XY low density, low friction solid silicone rubber.

This new silicone rubber meets market demands for lightweight and excellent haptics in wearable devices with its low density (0.78-0.85g/cm3) and low coefficient of friction. At the same time, it offers superior processability, easy coloring, suitability for molding and extrusion processes, compatibility with other silicone rubbers, low VOC content, and reduced post-cure time - helping to lower production costs and increase processing efficiency.

At the award ceremony, Asia Pacific Rubber Business Director, Kasen DUAN said: "The low density, low friction solid silicone rubber has been a key development focus for Elkem in recent years and has received extensive validation and positive feedback from customers. Going forward, this product line will expand from sealing applications into wearable devices to meet lightweight trends, with expected broader applications in electric mobility, health and digital communications."

As one of the world's leading providers of advanced silicon-based materials, innovation has always been at the core of Elkem's philosophy. The company continues to increase its R&D investment globally to provide innovative solutions across industries. This award recognizes Elkem's innovation capabilities and will further motivate the company's continuous breakthroughs in new products and technologies for shaping a better and more sustainable future.

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