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3Deus Dynamics raises 700 000 Euros and pushes the limits of 3D printing even further

Lyon, France, May 20, 2021 - 3Deus Dynamics, which has developed a unique and limitless 3D printing process, has just finalized a €700,000 seed financing round. The round of financing was led with the participation of Elkem Silicones, Gilles Grenier and 33 California. Thanks to this fundraising, the Deeptech startup will be able to develop its first products and services, based on an additive manufacturing solution by « Dynamic Molding ».

3Deus Dynamics' ambition is to push back the limits of 3D printing thanks to its additive manufacturing process in granular medium called « Dynamic Molding ». This patented breakthrough innovation, a hybrid between 3D printing and injection/molding, is compatible with all polymers available on the market without prior chemical reformulation, without any support structure and without any geometry limit. Dynamic Molding makes it possible to manufacture composite materials and thus to bring additional properties to the materials.

The seed funding of €700,000 obtained by 3Deus Dynamics also allows the company to reinforce its team in R&D, quality/regulatory affairs and sales force, in order to offer a qualitative customized printing service.

« This first round of financing was carried out with key investors for the future development of 3Deus Dynamics, including Elkem Silicones, a world leader in the silicone industry, which is particularly involved in open innovation and 3D printing; Gilles Grenier, a specialist in the silicone markets; and 33 California-based investors specializing in the Healthtech/Medtech sector, a key application market in 3Deus' business. Our ambition is to position ourselves as a key player in the world of additive manufacturing » says Julien Barthès, CEO of 3Deus Dynamics.

3Deus Dynamics' first developments are aimed at the very promising markets of silicone materials. The use of Silicones in 3D printing opens up a wide range of possibilities.

One of the first target markets is medical devices of all classes. A market study conducted jointly with investors, has highlighted that dynamic molding will allow to meet the needs of personalized medicine, by additive manufacturing in many applications such as hearing implants, orthopedic insoles, prostheses/orthotics or even the development of anatomical models. Since its creation, 3Deus Dynamics has integrated an ISO 13485 quality approach to meet the requirements of the major players in the healthcare market.

« We are delighted to support the 3Deus project and its leaders, towards what constitutes a real breakthrough in the field of 3D printing. The quality of the team, the solidity of the patents, the strong market traction and finally the link with the health sector were determining factors in this investment choice » announces Stéphane Legastelois, President of 33 Californie, and Elodie Panier, Investment Director.

The quality of the parts obtained by dynamic molding and their complexity, which cannot be satisfied by other additive manufacturing or injection-molding processes, has aroused the interest of other markets such as transportation, construction, energy, food and luxury. In this sense, 3Deus Dynamics adapts its dynamic molding process to all application markets.

« I was immediately attracted by this new 3D printing technology, which offers very broad development opportunities for specialty applications. The 3Deus Dynamics management team has an undeniable power to inspire; it has everything to succeed » adds Gilles Grenier.

3Deus Dynamics has quickly made a name for itself on the additive manufacturing scene using silicone materials, for which dynamic molding has demonstrated its ability to push the limits of 3D printing. The technological maturity of the dynamic molding process on these silicone materials was made possible thanks to the support of PULSALYS ( SATT Lyon-St Etienne ), the company Elkem and the filing of 2 international patents.

« 3Deus Dynamics' additive manufacturing technology (Dynamic Molding) is a real breakthrough in both science and applications. We naturally followed the team from the beginning of the adventure by combining the unique expertise and speed of the 3Deus Dynamics team with our knowledge of Silicones and their applications. We strongly believe in this strategy of association between a start-up and a more established company. This is the meaning of our "Open Innovation". When both the material, Silicone, and the application market, medical, are at the heart of our growth strategy, we are particularly happy to support 3Deus in its ambition » declares Frédéric Jacquin, CEO Elkem Silicones

About 33 Californie: 

33 Californie is a new player in Innovation Capital in the healthcare sector. 33 Californie acts as a financial and strategic partner to entrepreneurs, to support the early stages of their project development. Drawing on the entrepreneurial experience of its managers, 33 Californie positions itself as a relay between the incubation phases of start-ups and the first rounds of series A investments.

About Gilles Grenier : 

Gilles GRENIER is an entrepreneur who acts as a strategic advisor to several start-ups and as an investor. He has worked on the development of specialty silicones for the regulated markets in Europe and the US. Gilles brings to 3Deus Dynamics his international, industrial and financial experience.    

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