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New catapult innovation centre for future materials

Specialized materials are in demand all over the world. Therefore, Elkem is proud to be a partner in the new catapult innovation centre Future Materials, opening today in southern Norway.

The catapult centre is a collaboration between Elkem, ReSiTec, Arendals Fossekompani and the University of Agder. The centre provides access to test facilities and expertise in materials technology and will help small and medium-sized businesses from all over the country realize ideas and introduce new products faster in the market.

The Catapult Centre will help Norway maintain its position as world-leading exporter of materials technology. Understanding the properties, composition and sustainability profile of new materials is crucial for maintaining a leading market position when materials technology is developing rapidly.

"In all new technology, whether it's in mobile phones or new electric cars, more specialized materials are required. This gives enormous opportunities for the process industry," says Håvard Moe, Elkem Senior Vice President Elkem Technology

Industries like solar, electronics, oil and gas, wind power, construction and the automotive industry are dependent on using materials of the future in their products, and there is a tough competition to get to the market as quickly as possible. With the catapult centre, Norwegian processing companies are even stronger in this competition.

"We are talking about an equipment park for millions of dollars that small and large companies can now use to develop new products. The Catapult Centre is aimed at developers who already have a product idea, but who need infrastructure to create an industrial business,” says Moe.

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