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Elkem Silicones joins the CELAB consortium to promote a more circular economy within the self-adhesive label industry

Elkem, is proud to announce its participation in the CELAB consortium which shows that this engagement is part of a wider sustainability program within Elkem group.

With a shared goal of creating a sustainable self-adhesive labeling industry, more than 30 companies from around the world announced this week, the creation of a new Consortium, CELAB: Toward a Circular Economy for Labels. CELAB is an initiative to create greater circularity for label industry products by enhancing and promoting matrix and release liner recycling around the world.

Comprising many of the self-adhesive label industry's largest companies, CELAB will operate as a coalition, empowered to reach across the entire value chain to promote a circular economy for self-adhesive label materials. CELAB is designed to facilitate collaboration at a global level and encourage the universal adoption of best practices while fostering regionally appropriate initiatives and cooperation.

"The moment has arrived to create a globally focused platform for recycling solutions," said Paul Nathanson, a Senior Principal at Bracewell LLP and spokesperson for CELAB. "Brands are eager to communicate their commitment to sustainability in response to consumer demands to reduce their carbon footprint. With increased recycling capability gradually emerging from suppliers, producers, waste management, chemical recyclers and others, we see a tremendous opportunity to facilitate collaboration with partners up and down our industry's value chain."

"We value the efforts of the entire value stream to come together and support this initiative.  As a global company, we are committed to global sustainability, and the ability to recycle the matrix and release liner is a key movement in this industry." said Elkem's Global Business Manager for Silcolease™ Release Coatings, Nicolas Capron, who is also part of the CELAB Global Steering Committee.  "It is very encouraging to see the enthusiasm and drive by member companies to lead and participate in this new consortium." said Nicolas Capron.

Elkem is proud to announce their participation in the new consortium and this engagement is part of a wider sustainability program within Elkem. Sean Duffy, Business Unit Director & Sustainability Leader for Elkem Silicones Division commented "Developing a comprehensive upstream climate strategy and encouraging and investing in circular economy initiatives for recycling of silicones are part of the environment, social and governance activities within Elkem group but participating in industry efforts such as this are also important.  Despite less focus on silicone recycling in CELAB we are fully aware, as a leading actor in release coatings technology it is both our duty, and in our interest, to participate and help assure a sustainable future for this industry."

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, is a motto for our industry where consuming less silicone, enabling use of thinner films and papers, allowing less energy consumption and using greener technologies to replace organic solvents are all key, and can be delivered by our Silcolease™ product range.

CELAB membership is open to all companies in the self-adhesive label supply chain who commit to its objectives and are willing to help support its work.

Elkem’s commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is central to our business strategy. Our mission is to provide advanced material solutions shaping a better and more sustainable future, adding value to our stakeholders globally.

Elkem defines sustainability work as continuous efforts to maximise our positive impact on the environment and societies around us, as well as to minimise any negative impact. As a global company, we affect the environment and communities around the world every day. And through the products we make, we have a foot print in our supply chain and make new solutions possible.

Disclosure is a primary part of this engagement, and we can proudly state that in 2020, Elkem received a Gold rating from Ecovadis and was ranked by CDP in the Climate A List.

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About Elkem ASA 

Founded in 1904, Elkem is one of the world's leading suppliers of silicon-based advanced materials with operations throughout the value chain from quartz to specialty silicones, as well as attractive market positions in specialty ferrosilicon alloys and carbon materials. Elkem is a publicly listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker code: ELK) and is headquartered in Oslo. The company has more than 6,370 employees with 29 production sites and an extensive network of sales offices worldwide. In 2019 Elkem had revenues of NOK 22.7 billion.

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