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Create unlimited possibilities for beautiful environment life with Elkem at IDAC 2024

Delivering the promise of energy-efficient cities

It is with great pleasure to announce that Elkem will present at the IDAC 2024 on March 7th to 9th in Mumbai, Jio World Convention Center, India.

Innovation, technologies, processes… IDAC conferences will be a unique opportunity to network with all the members of the global build industry and discover how silicones can support your business growth.

For Elkem, sustainability is central to our business strategy. During a conference, our expert will present how Elkem tackles operational climate challenge and supplies to the transition. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Effectively sealing and insulating buildings is a key step towards energy consumption reduction – a cornerstone of all smart city initiatives. Ever since we discovered the first silicone sealant in 1959, Elkem has provided construction firms with the materials needed to seal and bond facades, roofs, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, and interior decorations.

Willing to know more about STARSIL™ silicone sealant provides for your industry? 

Smarter cities & construction

Efficient, resilient, and technologically modern – smart cities combine an area’s buildings and public services with advanced information and communications technologies to optimise infrastructure, improve sustainability, and enhance quality of life.

Long - term improvement of insulating glass and energy-saving effect

Energy efficiency has become the number one priority in the construction sector, as builders seek to contribute to the increasing demand for sustainable homes and working spaces. This requirement applies both to new buildings and renovations. Insulated glass panes for windows and structural glazing are one the most important components in achieving this key objective. Insulated glass for windows and structural glazing, to be energy efficient, must be airtight, waterproof and, when needed in specific environments, contribute to soundproofing and protect against dust or insects. 

Sealants for Glass Façade Industry:

  • One/Two part structural Sealant STARSIL™ Silicone structiral Sealant
  • One/Two part Insulating Glass Sealant STARSIL™ Silicone structiral Sealant 
  • One part Weatherproof Sealant STARSIL™ Silicone weatherproof Sealant (High Movement Capability)

Effectively inhibit mold breeding, Protect your health at home

Kitchen and bathroom are the most frequently used places in people's living environment, in these two places often face the trouble of mold and blackened, which is because of the hot and humid environment in these two places, as well as frequent contact with food residues and grease, a variety of mold is very easy to multiply in these places, if you do not usually pay attention, mold may become the root cause of disease in the invisible corners of life. Elkem silicone anti-mildew sealant has good adhesion, sealing and mold resistance, and can effectively inhibit the growth of mold in high temperature and high humidity environment for a long time to ensure human health.

Professional Grade Sealants for Builders and Retailers: 

  • STARSIL™ 606 High Efficiency Anti-mildew Sealant
  • STARSIL™ Flame Retardant Sealant

Looking for a better view of what Elkem provides as STARSIL™ silicone sealant for your industry?

Meet up with our experts from March 7th to 9th in Mumbai, Jio World Convention Center, India. 

STARSIL™ Silicone Sealant

Create unlimited possibilities for healthy, safe and beautiful environment life.

Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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