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Discover Elkem's Latest innovation at InCosmetics Global 2024

Join Elkem, a leading manufacturer of silicones, at the highly anticipated InCosmetics Global 2024 event, held from April 16th to April 18th, 2024 in Paris, France.

Elkem is excited to showcase its latest innovations, including a bio-based carrier performance silicone, an elastomeric water-in-silicone(oil) emulsifier, and creative prototype formulation concepts to address market trends and consumer needs.

Elkem's new products, PURESIL™ ESG 01 and MIRASIL™ N-DML 15, will be unveiled at the event. PURESIL™ ESG 01 is a multifunctional silicone elastomer that enhances the texture, sensory experience, and stability of personal care products. It enables the creation of lightweight, translucent formulas with a refreshing water-burst experience. MIRASIL™ N-DML 15 is a blend of high molecular weight dimethiconol gum in a bio-based carrier that provides a range of functional benefits such as sensory enhancement, conditioning, and frizz control for a broad range of personal care applications. Its high renewable content makes it ideal for creating sustainable products without compromising on performance.

In addition to its new products, Elkem will exhibit a range of inspiring formulation concepts, including the award-winning Eco-designed PURESIL ORG series and the versatile alkyl silicone series. The Elkem team looks forward to discussing how its products and expertise can help customers create sustainable, high-performance personal care products.


Elastomeric Water-in-Silicone Emulsifier with Stabilizing Power

Don't miss out on the chance to discover Elkem's latest innovations in eco-designed solutions. Save the date and join us at booth 1N59 for an insightful exploration of our offerings.

Sustainability at Elkem

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