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New trainee blog posts: Their final trainee rotations

Trainees Marthe and Bård are now finishing their third and final rotation in Elkem. They have both written blogs about their experiences.

Trainee Marthe’s time as an Elkem trainee is coming to an end. She states that it has truly been a wonderful experience.

Marthe was working with digitalisation in her last trainee rotation in Elkem, and travelled to London and Iceland to learn more about multivariate analysis and furnace processes.

As a trainee she had the possibility to work with new subjects and gain a broader knowledge for her future tasks. Read Marthe’s blog post here.

Bård has spent his trainee rotations at Elkem Thamshavn, Norway, at Elkem Headquarter in Oslo, Norway, as well as Elkem Nagpur, India.

His time in India was a lot warmer than his time at the locations in Norway for sure. You can read Bård’s blog post here.

Marthe and Bård both knows that the new trainees will have a great start on their careers in Elkem. The group of new trainees will start this fall. 

You can find all the Elkem trainees previous blog posts in our archive.

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