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Norwegian Prime minister visits Elkem Bremanger

Prime minister Erna Solberg was impressed after her visit to Elkem Bremanger and recognised Elkem as one of Norway’s most forward leaning and modern industrial companies.

Erna Solberg arrived in Svelgen, Bremanger, by boat and the visit to the plant was headed by plant manager Arne Werge-Olsen. The Prime minister’s visit on 2 August included visiting the plant’s Silgrain production control room, and furnace two and four.

At the control room in Silgrain, Werge-Olsen held a short introduction emphasizing the importance of the close cooperation between Elkem and authorities with long-term, predictable and stable framework conditions, being able to attract and retain talent, and a strengthened focus for innovation and research in the process industry.

Prime minister Erna Solberg together with Sindre Sande, second generation apprentice at Elkem Bremanger. 

Following Werge-Olsen’s presentation the Prime minister received a presentation of the production process by head of production Vidar Haugland. Haugland, who started his career as an apprentice at Elkem Bremanger, also introduced the Prime minister to Sindre Sande, one of the newest apprentices, emphasizing the need for continuously having talent available through the education of operators. 

“Long traditions, and at the same time one of the most forward leaning”
Mrs Solberg, who took office in 2013 and is currently in her second term as Prime minister of Norway, was thoroughly impressed with the Elkem’s development and initiatives for the future, and highlighted the importance of innovation to reduce environmental impact.

Plant manager Arne Werge-Olsen showed Erna Solberg around the plant, including the Silgrain control room, the harbour area and pictured here at furnace 2 and 4.

“Elkem holds long traditions, whilst at the same time being one of the most forward leaning and modern industrial companies. I have always stated that the future companies will be green, smart and innovative. Elkem is contributing positively to the green shift by continuously working towards reducing the use of energy and pollution connected to its production”, Mrs Solberg commented.

“Elkem invests heavily in innovation promoting green solutions and business models. Norway needs companies like Elkem that create jobs through new, green and innovative solutions. They need to be innovative because global competition is increasingly tough, and they need to be green because we know that the Paris climate agreement commits the world to demand more climate friendly solutions”.

Plant manager Arne Werge-Olsen was very pleased with the visit from the Prime minister, and also the positive signals on key topics addressed during Mrs Solberg’s visit.

Visit from Minister of Digitalisation
The visit from the Prime minister was however not the only prominent visit to Elkem Bremanger this week. Two days prior to Mrs Solberg’s visit the plant was also visited by Norway’s Minister of digitalisation, Mr Nikolai Astrup.

Minister of digitalisation, Mr Nikolai Astrup, together with plant managers Arne Werge-Olsen and Hroar Holm Carlsen.

Mr Astrup learnt about ongoing activities for automation and digitization, and the opportunities of the process industry going forward. This was presented to the minister by Process responsible Sofie Aursjø, Division IT manager Harry Gulestøl and Plant manager Arne Werge-Olsen.

Process responsible, enigneer Sofie Aursjø, explained the process to the visiting minister.

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