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ATRiON, Elkem Silicones' new Research and Innovation Center in Saint-Fons near Lyon

Elkem Silicones announces the official opening of its new Research and Innovation Centre in Saint-Fons in Lyon’s “Chemical Valley”.

Short for “atrium and innovation”, ATRiON will foster synergies and collaborative research work, reflecting the evolution of research towards more open, more multidisciplinary formats.

With ATRiON, Elkem Silicones is doubling its space dedicated to research and innovation, with particular attention given to collaborative work and employee safety. Laboratories, offices and collaborative spaces branch out from a central atrium, the heart of the facility.

Offering a 7,000 m2 global showcase for staff, customers, shareholders and partners, this unique location will host collaborative research between Elkem Silicones' teams and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region’s “Open Innovation Network”. 

ATRiON's 120 researchers work on innovations in partnership with customers, mainly in the fields of the circular economy, digitalisation, consumer goods, living comfort and new materials for energy and mobility. 

ATRiON brings together people and competences in chemistry, processes, formulations, applications, analysis, patents, project management and marketing.   

According to Frédéric Jacquin, SVP of Elkem Silicones, "Investing in research and development is the best way to safeguard future growth. Having an open center like ATRiON is fundamental to the cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise, from which the best innovations often emerge.

"ATRiON, at the heart of the eco-system of our “Chemical Valley” and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, is ideally placed and designed to accelerate the speed and diversity of our development projects and provide our R&I teams with the best possible working conditions," says Sophie Schneider, Director of Research and Innovation. 

ATRiON Fact Sheet 

  • Investment: €25 million
  • Design and build: Spie Batignolles Sud-Est
  • Architect: TJ ARCHI
  • Useable area: 7,000 m², including 2,500 m² of laboratory space and 800 m² dedicated to collaborative work 
  • 20 months of work and more than 100,000 hours to build & equip the building

Elkem’s commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is central to our business strategy. Our mission is to provide advanced material solutions shaping a better and more sustainable future, adding value to our stakeholders globally.

Elkem defines sustainability work as continuous efforts to maximise our positive impact on the environment and societies around us, as well as to minimise any negative impact. As a global company, we affect the environment and communities around the world every day. And through the products we make, we have a foot print in our supply chain and make new solutions possible.

Disclosure is a primary part of this engagement, and we can proudly state that in 2022, Elkem received a Platinum rating from EcoVadis and was ranked by CDP in the Climate A List.

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About Elkem ASA

Elkem is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced material solutions shaping a better and more sustainable future. The company develops silicones, silicon products and carbon solutions by combining natural raw materials, renewable energy and human ingenuity. Elkem helps its customers create and improve essential innovations like electric mobility, digital communications, health and personal care as well as smarter and more sustainable cities. With a strong track record since 1904, its global team of more than 6,800 people has a joint commitment to stakeholders: Delivering your potential. In 2020, Elkem was rated among the world’s top 5% on climate and achieved an operating income of NOK 24.7 billion. Elkem is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: ELK).

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