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Two new blog posts in the trainee blog

Our trainees Anne-Laure Auclaire and Otto Magnus Evenstad has shared their experiences from their second trainee rotation in the trainee blog. From opening up a silicon furnace and working with technical safety, to travels, paragliding and beautiful scenery.

Anne-Laure spent her rotation at Elkem Technology in Kristiansand working with technical safety. She learned a lot about machine safety and shared her knowledge about chemical and process safety from her last trainee rotation in the Silicone division. In the blog post, Anne-Laure also shares her travels in Norway. Read her blog post here.

Otto Magnus Evenstad writes about his time at Elkem Salten. He took part in a project where they replaced the lining on a silicon furnace. It was an exciting and truly exhausting project. As a reward he spent some time to in the pure north Norwegian air. Read Otto Magnus’ blog post here.

They both agree that you get some great opportunities as an Elkem trainee. 

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