Elkem will focus on having a capital structure that is appropriate to the company’s objective, strategy and risk profile.

The company intends to pay dividends reflecting the underlying earnings and cash flow.

Elkem will target a dividend pay-out ratio of 30-50% of the group’s net income for the year.

The dividend policy forms the basis for the board of directors’ proposals on dividend payments to the company’s general meeting. The board of directors will take into account legal restrictions, as set out in the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, and also take into consideration capital expenditure plans, financing requirements and maintaining the appropriate strategic flexibility. Any future payments of dividends will be denominated in NOK, and will be paid to the shareholders through the VPS.



Earnings  per share 


Dividend  per amount 


Date proposed   Date approved   Recorded date Payment date
2018 5.74 2.60                    11.02.2019   30.04.2019   03.05.2019   13.06.2019