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Medical & Pharmaceutical Grade Silicones for Healthcare applications

In each corner of the healthcare industry, technology is being developed to prevent disease, fight illness, and improve lives. With the assistance of next-generation medical devices, doctors are discovering new ways of treating complex conditions with faster recoveries and reduced medical costs. At all times, the safety and comfort of the patient are the top priority. 

General and advanced surgery

We help surgeons saving more lives

Wound management

We allow painless wound healing

Orthotics and Prosthetics

We bring comfort and confidence to those in need

Pharmaceutical and drug delivery

We are close to you when you fight against disease

We are close to you when you fight against disease


We are part of your everyday smile

Diagnostics & monitoring

We believe in prevention being better than curation

3D Printed parts & medical training aids

All bodies are unique, so we enable healthcare professionals to manage your uniqueness


Experience the Silbione™ difference

Find out more about medical-grade silicones for healthcare & biomedical applications.

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