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Silicon for pyrotechnical applications

Customized silicon materials for pyrotechnical applications

Controlled explosives or pyrotechnical applications are fundamental in many civil engineering industries such as mining, construction, road building, and tunnelling. These highly critical pyrotechnical operations depend on high-sensitive delay charges in electrical detonator systems. They must ensure precision detonation and be totally reliable to achieve the right results and protect people involved in these hazardous undertakings.

SILGRAIN® product
SILGRAIN® product

SILGRAIN® Pyro as delay charge in pyrotechnical compositions

Pyrotechnic delay systems are used in detonator assemblies to delay the terminal reaction by a precisely adjustable time interval that is determined by the burning rate of the composition. Delay times ranging from milliseconds to a few seconds are generally required. Silicon has been used as an ingredient in pyrotechnic compositions for delays and ignition.

SILGRAIN® Pyro is a silicon powder in a variety of purities and sizes and with a strictly controlled specific surface area (SSA). It is used in pyrotechnical compositions, such as ignition compositions and delay charges.

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