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Create a durable and robust protective film for display screens

Protect your screens from scratches and damage for a crystal sharp image

​​The invention of touch screen technology has changed how the world interacts with the technology at our fingertips.  The use of protective films to protect these electronic devices during and after the manufacturing process is required to avoid damage and scratches that may degrade the optical clarity of the screen.     

Innovative polyaddition silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) are ideal for making protective films for electronic applications, to shield screens on televisions, mobile phones, watches and tablets/pads.

Silicone polyaddition pressure sensitive adhesives are materials of choice for these protection films.

They bond well on low surface energy substrates, including the novel use of very low surface energy, easy-clean, oleophobic coatings to reduce fingerprints.  Working on a range of substrates silicone pressure sensitive adhesives can now provide adjustable peel adhesion options to work with different application requirements. Adhesion ranges from low peel adhesion for your television & mobile screen/ITO screen protection during transport, and high peel adhesion for permanent protective films for daily protection while using your mobile display.

What are the key factors for silicone pressure sensitive adhesives in electronics screen protection applications?

Silcolease Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives offers a range of peel forces for protective film applications. These materials can be applied and cured in seconds to offer the following features:   

  • Very good wetting characteristics to enable sticking on low surface energy surfaces
  • Steady peel force profiles for a smooth release
  • Good aging & UV resistance to avoid changes in peel strength and yellowing
  • High temperature resistance up to 270 °C
  • Easy degassing to avoid bubbles for crystal clear coatings with zero optical defects
  • No residue remaining upon removal of the protection film 
  • High optical transparency and clarity to retain the high definition of the screen

Why partner with Elkem for silicone pressure sensitive adhesives for screen protection?

  • Our global technical experts will assist you with selecting the right system for your application.
  • We offer training, troubleshooting, and technical assistance when you need it most.
  • Our knowledge and experience will allow you to get your products to market faster.
  • We work with you to deliver Silicone solutions with a personal touch.

Elkem Product Technologies

Silcolease™ Silicone PSA products have been developed for more than 30 years, offering novel polyaddition cure systems with the ability to adjust peel force to meet application needs.

  • Silicone Polyaddition PSA 

Silcolease™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

This guide will give you more informations about silicones for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applications

Coating heads, curing ovens, silicone bath concentration, viscosity and line speed all impact the quality of the final coating. Our team of experts will provide recommendations on equipment for lamination, solvent removal and curing conditions for your protective film manufacturing needs.  

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