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Silicones rubber solutions dedicated to railway parts: panels, profiles and gangway and bellows

Make Silicone Elastomer Solutions your next station

Growth of the mobility market

By 2050, the growing world’s population will reach 10 billion people, with the great majority living in or near cities. Railways will become an important constituent in the transportation mix of trains, trams and subways, both for urban mobility and intercity travel. Rail system managers and train operators are developing efficient, safe, and cost-effective railway technologies. 

In Europe, the new Rolling stocks standard in place since 2018, the EN 45545, reinforces the need for high-temperature and fire-resistant materials. In addition, railway parts such as profiles, panels and gangways and bellows must present high mechanical performances to pass the stringent dynamic tests required by the market. 

Silicone rubber properties

Silicone rubber presents high thermal and fire resistance and good mechanical properties on a wide range of temperatures. With the evolution of the standard and technical requirements, silicone rubber has progressively replaced EPDM and is the material of choice for profiles and gangways and bellows applications. 

Elkem’ experts are developing and adapting our chemical compounds for our customers to ensure long-term durability, lightness, high elasticity and compression set and thermal and fire resistance features.

Railway brochure

Railways: The Fire Resistant Silicones Experience

​Make Silicone Elastomer Solutions your next station…

Our product offerings for railway parts include

Bluesil FR 8700 series for Panels and Gangway and Bellows and Profiles such as doors, walls or windows 

  • Specifically designed for use in transportation 
  • Available in three grades of hardness: 50ShA, 60ShA and 75ShA
  • Can be colored
  • Cured with peroxide and transformed through molding, calendering and extrusion processes
  • High mechanical performances at low and high temperature
  • High level of fire resistance
  • Low smoke emissions
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive smokes: silicones are halogen-free
  • Compliant with EN 45545-2
    1. The three grades comply with the HL3 level of the EN 45545-2 for R22 and R23 applications (profiles)
    2. Bluesil MF 8760 grade complies with the HL3 level of the EN 45545-2 for R1 and R7 applications (Gangways and bellows)
    3. Bluesil MF 8775 grade complies with HL2 level of the EN 45545-2 for R1 and R7 applications (Gangways and bellows)

Bluesil HFR8770 solution optimized for Gangway & Bellows 

  • Improved safety and security
    1. This grade has higher fire performances than the Bluesil MF 8700 serie
    2. Excellent fire resistance even without post-cure
    3. Low smoke emissions
    4. Non-toxic and non-corrosive smokes: silicones are halogen-free
  • Easier processability
    1. Easily extruded and calandered
    2. High green strength: the silicone can be easily applied on the fabric
    3. Can be used without post-cure in certain condition to ease and reduce the production time
  • Better durability 
    1. High mechanical properties even without post-cure 
    2. No tear during use 

At Elkem, we are dedicated people located around the globe, committed to your success. We have developed good understanding of the regulation and tests associated our specialists can guide you in terms of legislation as well as giving you regulatory support. Because each project is specific, need of a specific color or use of a new fabric for instance, our team of experts can develop for you tailor made solutions that respond to your manufacturing needs, comply with the required standard and meet the technical requirements. You can also benefit from our worldwide presence and dual sourcing. 

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