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Food grade silicone for making molds

High quality silicones for food molding

Food molding with silicones is the baker's best bet for the greatest precision control

Advanced Molding & Printing with Silicones

Silicones have been used for several decades for making molds for pastries and sweets: cakes, decorative pieces, chocolate, marzipan, hard and soft candies, etc. They have proven to be safe for use in industrial production, artisanal businesses (bakeries, restaurants, caterers, etc.), as well as for home cooking and baking. At Elkem, we pride ourselves in having highly controlled processes from the very start and in having established expertise in this area. We are particularly committed to ensuring that these products are compliant with food contact regulations because they are an essential part of our everyday lives.​

Our concern for quality and safety has enabled us to become industry leaders in two areas:

  • Sourcing, because we are a fully integrated manufacturer with involvement in our upstream production of silicates, we have all the components in the raw materials that go into our silicone ingredients and formulations. This supply integration gives us a more detailed understanding and certainty of our chemical purity versus silicone formulators who assemble ingredients whose chemical properties they may not completely have traced.
  • Certification, Elkem manufacturers silicone rubber products that are suitable for food contact applications and meet chemical and physical property requirements as described in different national regulations. 

Our expert teams are available worldwide to provide you with advice and tailor-made formulations and can assist you in complying with regulatory requirements in your industry and country. Our goal: to work closely with you to make the best and most attractive food molds.​

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