SioxX® Specialties

Our portfolio of performance enhancers for advanced refractory products are offered under the brand name SioxX®. Based on global leadership in microsilica technology and a strong focus on R&D in refractory castables, new products are continuously developed and offered the industry.

SioxX® Designed for microsilica-containing LCC and ULCC, based on Al2O3 - SiO2 system with quick wet-out and low water demand.

SioxX®-Quick: Designed to act as an accelerator in undispersed aluminosilicate systems like dry gunning LCC and ULCC mixes without clay.

SioxX®-Zero: Designed for microsilica-gel bonded systems (NCC) to control the working and demoulding time and to develop high green-strength at room temperature.

SioxX®-Flow: Designed to work as a multi-functional microsilica dispersant, for aluminosilicate LCC, ULCC and NCC, giving customers freedom to fine-tune their products with other additives (accelerators, retarders, etc.). It enhances the rheological properties, reduces the water demand and increases the flow. Suitable also for shotcreting.

By combining SioxX®-Flow and SioxX®-Set setting can be controlled.

SioxX®-Flow will also work in combination with Silica-Sol (colloidal silica) in NCC to control flow, working and setting time. When used in silica-sol systems a separate gelling agent needs to be added.

SioxX®-Set: Designed for undispersed systems mainly for NC gunning mixes. Can also be used for LC and ULC gunning. In castables and shotcrete (dispersed systems) SioxX®-Set can be used as accelerating agent.

SioxX®-Mag: Designed for basic (MgO-based) refractory castables, to help avoid inherent problems of crack formation and poor workability.