Compliance and governance

Corporate governance is a prerequisite for value creation, trustworthiness and for access to capital. In order to secure strong and sustainable corporate governance, Elkem strives for good and healthy business practices, reliable financial reporting and an environment for compliance with legislation and regulation across the group.

In Elkem, we all are required to promote our values and business standards towards colleagues, business associates and society at large. Elkem's strict ethical standards apply to all employees globally and we conduct training to enable our employees to make the right decisions and comply with our standards.

Elkem believes good corporate governance involves openness and trustful cooperation between all parties involved in the group: the shareholders, the board of directors and executive management, employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities and society in general.

Our code of conduct is based on the principles of honesty and respect, and must be complied with regardless of where our operations are carried out. Corporate social responsibility forms an important part of Elkem’s business culture. Elkem is a signatory to UN Global Compact, and Elkem’s definition of corporate responsibility is based on the ten UN Global Compact principles concerning human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.


Human rights
Zero incidents involving violation of human rights, in Elkem or supply chain.
Compliance overview
No identified incidents of bribery or corruption, anti-competitive behaviour and breech of compliance.
Supplier requirements
All new suppliers screened using social and environmental criteria.