Our history

Elkem's history started in 1904, when the industrial entrepreneur Sam Eyde (1866–1940) established the company called Det Norske Aktieselskab for Elektrokemisk Industri (Elektrokemisk). The goal was to create an international industrial company based on Norwegian natural resources.

In 2014, we marked that it was 110 years since Sam Eyde, Knut Tillberg and the Wallenberg brothers met in Stockholm to form Elkem. They aimed to become a major industrial company with an international outlook.

Over the past 110 years, Elkem has contributed to many pioneering advances within the metallurgical industry that have led to growth and progress for our stakeholders and society at large.

Anniversary and Creative Power

At the anniversary in 2004, we commissioned Professor Knut Sogner to write the history of Elkem, resulting in the comprehensive and intriguing book «Skaperkraft» (Creative Power). The book describes a century of initiative, determination and success, as well as disappointment and even despair.

In summary this is a story of a company with a long-term commitment to technological development. Knut Sogner adapted his book into a short English version in 2004, and he updated it with a new chapter portraying the last ten years

Download Skaperkraft // Creative Power here.


Back to the roots

After being acquired by Orkla in 2005, selling off the aluminium and power businesses, and being acquired by China National Bluestar in 2011, Elkem has now returned its main focus to the business areas that started with the invention of the Söderberg electrode in 1917.

With the sustainable and innovative production of silicones, silicon for renewable energy, silicon-based alloys and carbon products, we are looking to strengthen our position in key markets as well as to expand in new parts of the world.


At Oslo Børs

In June 2017 Elkem assumed management responsibility of Xinghuo Silicones, a silicones producer, and Yongdeng Silicon Materials, a silicon producer.

The two plants now form part of Elkem’s silicon value chain, from quarts to downstream silicones specialities, and gives Elkem increased access to the Chinese market.

In March 2018 Elkem became listed on Oslo Børs again, Elkem ASA.

As Elkem turns another decade, there are great opportunities ahead, particularly with silicon being a key element in renewable energy solutions.

100 years of innovation: 
In 1918 Elkem patented a brilliant method that freed smelting plants from having to cool down furnaces and stop production, when the electrodes were exhausted and had to be replaced. This invention led to Elkem becoming a worldwide technology company.