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Elkem Carbon Slovakia a.s.

Elkem Carbon Slovakia is located in the town of Žiar nad Hronom, in the Banská Bystrica Region in the centre of Slovakia.

History of the plant

Established in 1954 at a primary aluminum producer site, Elkem Carbon Slovakia’s sole objective was to produce Søderberg anode paste.

In the 1990s, significant investments were made for Søderberg electrode paste and ramming paste production. In the same period, they also expanded recarburiser production for steel and foundries. In 2005, the aluminium plant shifted to prebaked anodes, discontinuing anode production.

The EURO project (2012-2015) was initiated to upgrade the plant with new filtration systems, packing lines, cooling systems, software, and laboratory equipment.

Elkem ASA acquired the business on the 1st of June 2023.

About products

The plant is equipped with two rotary kilns, for high temperature treatment of various black raw materials, including the production of gas calcined anthracite.

Multiple gas calcined anthracite grades are produced as recarburizers or as intermediate product used in the production of electrode pastes and ramming pastes. This involves blending calcined anthracite and petcoke with coal tar pitch or other binders based on product and use.

The mixing-and-blending plant is equipped with eight sigma mixers, for the production of various qualities of Søderberg electrode paste and ramming pastes.

Our recarburizers products ranges from 100% gas calcined anthracite to various gas calcined anthracite and calcined petcoke blends.

Products & supply

  • Søderberg electrode paste:
    • Cylinders, ranging from 550 to 1 000 mm in diameter, shrink wrapped on wooden pallets
    • Briquettes, packed in bulk bags
    • Eggs, packed in bulk bags
  • Ramming paste for lining of aluminium pot cells, packed in bulk bags
  • Tap hole and tapping launder repair paste, packed in bulk bags
  • Recarburisers, packed in big-bags, paper bags or supplied in bulk

Elkem Carbon Slovakia supplies its products to markets in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Our certificates
ISO 9001
ISO 14000

Our environmental initiatives
As a newly integrated part of Elkem ASA, Elkem Carbon Slovakia is committed to continuously improve the working conditions of our employees. Aligned with Elkem’s ethos, we’re resolute in investing to upgrade our production facility and the installation of equipment for the full abatement of dust and sulfur emissions. Our goal is to reduce our impact on the environment and the surrounding community.


  • 2 rotary kilns for production of gas calcined anthracite with total production capacity of 40 000 MT per annum
  • 8 mixers with a combined mixing capacity of 70 000 MT per annum
  • 67 full-time employees

Our workforce

Elkem Carbon Slovakia has 67 full time employees supporting the operation of our customers. We know that our people are our most valuable assets, and we strive to always have the right people for the right roles. Our aim is to build and develop teams that are accountable, knowledgeable, and responsible.

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