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Streamlining the smelting of ferroalloys and aluminium with high-quality refractory products

Furnace tapping and lining materials, cathode ramming paste and Søderberg electrode paste are all essential in maximizing the performance and lifetime of ferroalloy and aluminium smelting facilities – and we provide the products and expertise you need.

Carbon electrodes

Elkem has developed its own production technology for prebaked electrodes. Special raw materials are chosen and electrically calcined, to achieve the best properties.

Ferrosilicon for steel

Ferrosilicon for steel

The growing demand for higher-performance steels is placing ever-greater emphasis on the quality of ferrosilicon (FeSi) alloys used in steel manufacturing plants – and at Elkem, we’re ready to help you make the best decision for your business.

Grain refiners

Grain refiners are a class of cerium-containing inoculants for steel that reduce grain size and increase grain uniformity, with consequent improvements in mechanical properties and product quality. They are primarily used for steel castings, but increasing attention is now being given to their application to steel products.

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