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Prebaked electrodes

Elkem has developed its own production technology for prebaked electrodes. Special raw materials are chosen and electrically calcined, to achieve the best properties. Forming and baking of electrodes involves a process with a much shorter lead time compared to traditional prebaked production. This process also makes it possible to make single electrodes with individual properties, if a customer wants to test this.

Two different qualities are produced, normal and TSR. Both works well, but the TSR quality allows higher furnace load and increased strength against thermal shock, which could come during an unplanned stop.

Elkem has been a supplier of prebaked electrodes for more than 30 years. The largest market for Elkem is today South America where we are the main supplier. Standard sizes are 40, 42 and 45 inches, but smaller electrodes are produced after customers request. Elkem has a new lathe facility which makes threads that fit the same standard as other large suppliers of prebaked electrodes. This makes testing and finally transitions to Elkem’s prebaked electrodes, uncomplicated.  

Our specialists offer technical support to our customers. How to connect electrodes with the correct torque. How to stop and start electrodes with the correct ramp up of current.

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