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ELSEP™ Søderberg electrode paste

In 1919, Elkem patented Søderberg electrode, a self-baking electrode which revolutionized the smelting industry. The method is called the Soderberg electrode, after the electrical engineer Carl Wilhelm Søderberg (1876 – 1955), who got the original idea. 

With Søderberg and his team, Elkem built the foundation for growth in ferroalloys industry. Today, our ELSEP™ product range of Søderberg electrode pastes is used in more than 300 sub-merged arc furnaces worldwide. Elkem Carbon Solutions has built up an unequivocal reputation as supplier of proven and reliable quality. Our electrode pastes are recognised as benchmark for the smelting industry by all major ferroalloys producers.

The history of Søderberg electrode

The development of Søderberg electrode paved the foundation for growth in ferroalloys industry worldwide.

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Elkem delivers quality with integrity

Successful electrode operation requires a robust electrode paste quality that can maintain the integrity of the baked electrode. Extensive research and close cooperation with our customers, over many decades, has enabled Elkem Carbon Solutions to develop electrode pastes best suited for different operating conditions and processes. 

ELSEP™ Søderberg electrode pastes are produced from various recipes of mainly screened electrically calcined anthracite. Our paste plants are equipped with Elkem technology calcining furnaces, which enables us to control the quality of the calcined anthracite ourselves.

A combination of black raw materials can be blended with the calcined anthracite to optimise specific properties, dictated by the conditions of the smelting process.  

Coal tar pitch is most used as the binding component in the production process of Søderberg electrode paste. The quality parameters for coal tar pitch are strictly controlled in accordance with the Elkem standard for electrode paste.

ELSEP™ Søderberg electrode paste can be supplied as cylinders, in variety of diameters, blocks in rectangular form and briquettes. 

Key benefits of our ELSEP™ Søderberg electrode paste

  • Proven paste technology, as recipes had been developed and optimised for Elkem’s own silicon and ferrosilicon furnaces through many years of experience.
  • Electrode paste recipes have been adjusted to withstand the tough thermal shock conditions typical to a high load furnace operation.
  • We have developed electrode pastes that enable the baked electrode to be more resistant to oxidation, especially in the case of processes where electrodes are typically exposed to air and carbon dioxide, ie. FeNi, FeCr, HC FeMn and SiMn processes.

We produce and ship our electrode paste from our plants in Norway, Brazil, South Africa, China, and Malaysia.



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