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ELSEAL™ Cathode ramming paste

Our range of ramming pastes has been developed for use in aluminum electrolysis cells. The main purpose, both in the joints between the cathode blocks and in the peripheral seam, is to fill the voids between the prebaked blocks and prevent metal and bath from penetrating the cathode. Leakage of metal and electrolyte damages the cathode and may lead to premature pot failure. 

Ramming paste is a critical part of the cathode. Consistent and high-quality ramming paste products installed according to optimised procedures are required to provide a basis for improved operation and longer pot life.

Key Benefits of our ELSEAL™ products

  • Consistent quality
  • Quick to install and easy to handle
  • Improved working environment

Cathode ramming pastes with different binder system

Our portfolio of ELSEAL™ products includes pastes with different binder systems:  low PAH coal tar pitch based as well as green environmentally friendly alternatives.

ELSEAL™ Type G is our environmentally friendly product that contains no hazardous substances. There are no emissions of PAH during use and workers will not be exposed to these potentially harmful compounds. ELSEAL™ Type G is a well proven product in the market and has almost completely replaced coal tar pitch-based ramming paste in the Western world market.

We also offer two levels of baked paste thermal conductivity: 8 W/m*K and 12 W/m*K.

Supplier of cathode ramming paste for more than 30 years

Elkem developed a cold ramming paste, called today ELSEAL™ product family, back in the 1980s. For more than 30 years, we have delivered cathode materials to numerous smelters around the world and worked closely with our customers to support and optimize their cell repair operations.

Our cathode ramming paste is produced at our plants located in Norway, Brazil, and China.

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